Stacy & Kyle Posey - Fitness/Community

Wednesdays at 5:30 PM

The purpose and intent of our group, “Project Thrive”, is to invite people into a community that wants to thrive in every arena of their lives – emotional, intellectual, spiritual, relational, and physical. While a group fitness class might not typically be the first thing that comes to mind as the conduit for achieving this purpose, we believe that engaging in focused, structured, and appropriately challenging physical fitness together as a group in the right atmosphere can do exactly that! Walls come down quickly when we sweat together, challenge, and encourage one another. The relational component runs in parallel with the physical – the atmosphere of encouragement and contending for each others’ highest possible good in fitness translates to doing the same in every area of life. We want to invite our group members to not just a great workout but an opportunity to know and be known; to love and be loved; and to find a place where they can make meaningful connections to get rooted in community where their faith and relationship with God can continue to grow and get stronger even as their physical bodies get stronger.

** Teens 13 and older are welcome if they choose to participate in the fitness activities. **

We believe that we're better together.